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Prosperous Frugal was created by people who like to save and prosper and who found too many low quality information about frugal and prosperity tools.

Welcome! I am a humble guy with modest beginnings. During my first 20 years I followed the classic path of study and work. It has its benefits but as you might know, personal finance is not taught at school. So I did not prosper financially.

I have frugal habits thanks to my beginnings. However, I needed other knowledge and tools to prosper. Stuff I would not get at school. Money lessons was never a common subject at home or with friends. At most, we just focused on savings. Not as much in real prosperity as we should.

Even today, googling around, I see frugal blogs and websites focusing purely in being frugal. And those who give advice are also strongly influenced by which offer will make them the most money. Don’t get me wrong, I include offers here. Nevertheless I clearly point out my honest opinion. Hence, I provide here the tools that could help people be frugal and prosper.

Because frugality and prosperity are not opposites but complementary. We all can be frugal and prosper. Even more, frugality enhances prosperity.

I am being frugal and getting prosperity. Initially I just saved what I could. Then it became more of a habit. And accompanied by accountability, I managed to track not only my savings but then also measure my prosperity. It’s not just me. There are millions of people passionate about prosperity, frugality and helping others reach the financial goals they set. So, the “I” became “We”, when I realized that I could offer much more value facilitating information from qualified writers.

I am not a certified financial advisor. But I have many years experience in technology, websites and financial markets for trading, asset management and wealth management. Coupled with certified financial advisors we are able to provide high relevant information for frugality and prosperity.
We are all here to share our best insights and give you the right tools. This is the result of extensive research. Added to years of effort and past experiences make us proud to display here the best we can offer to you.

ALL the content published has gone through detailed research and review. Every page providing information includes reputable sources where the information was taken from.

Please accept the information we give you as a token of our gratitude for your time here. We value it and invite you to check the principles stated below. Feel free to drop us a line in the Contact Page. We will highly appreciate your feedback.

  1. About inspiration for prosperity:
    • Dreams + Reality + Determination = Success (Ray Dalio)
    • Spend money on things you love the most and cut mercilessly on those you don’t enjoy (Ramit Sethi)
    • If you can’t measure, you can’t manage it (Peter Drucker)
    • Your house is not necessarily an asset. Does it put money in your pocket? (Robert T. Kiyosaki)
  2. About inspiration for frugality
    • Trade expectation for appreciation (Tony Robbins)

What is the next step?

Do you find these helpful? You can share it with family, friends and whoever you think might benefit from this information. After all, Internet is a big place, we are drowning in information. What we all seek now is wisdom. The best from the best. And here we do our best to consolidate and provide the best from the best we can get our hands on.
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