11 Best Chat Moderator Jobs In 2022

After verifying many chat moderator jobs online, I found Fiverr Learn to be the best option to improve the online moderator skills you need to succeed.

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Chances are you spend some time on social media and chats. You find inappropriate content that needs to be removed. Then chat moderator jobs are your opportunity to do that.

Old online chat moderator job reviews still exist online. Be wary about them. A few include still Virtue Fusion which was replaced by PlayTech company and is not really focused on chat moderator jobs. Others suggest websites like JobVite and Khoros but they do not appropriately offer online moderator jobs.

Certainly, some job boards have offers at times and not at others. So, take the time to take a look occasionally at their websites to find recent job openings.

To keep building your skills for online chat moderator jobs, Fiverr learn and SkillShare will provide you with hundreds of courses focused also on other job topics for remote and office opportunities but mainly online. Get a free month until 12/26/2022 using code AFF30122 when you invest in yourself this holiday season with unlimited access to classes on illustration, photography, design, film, music, and more.

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Here below, we detail some of the best options we found for chat moderator jobs and online content moderators. Some are more focused on a specific country like the UK or the US while others are more focused on sectors (like Baby Center) or gaming (Zynga).

What Do Online Chat Moderator Jobs Focus On?

This role focuses on a scope also targeted by roles named community moderator, moderator agent, “mod”, “CM”, and chat moderator.

This person will:

  1. Monitor an online platform where content is shared.
    • It can be a social media account, a blog, a chat room, a message board; a forum, etc.
  2. Guarantee that people interacting in such an online platform adhere to a set of rules and guidelines the platform owners have defined.
  3. Handle eventual disputes in the online platform and prevent their degradation.
    • This “peacemaker” helps enterprises protect their reputation and brand image.
    • First start warning users who do not comply with rules and eventually ban those who breach them repetitively.

To achieve the objectives above, people in these roles have to do:

  1. Common tasks like answering comments, emails, and queries.
    • Companies might provide standard answers to a few of them as templates.
  2. Advanced tasks like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing and Metrics Analysis
    • Using the software the enterprise already has to identify the success of specific posts or offers online.
    • Measures analyzed can be the number of views, conversions, popularity, etc.

Consider that more and more enterprises are having an online presence and need to fulfill these types of roles.

They are ideal for introverts and people who prefer to stay at home and avoid commuting. Also, many companies offer 2 hours daily shifts like Quiip or Upwork. So, they provide great flexibility.

What Does It Take To Apply For Chat Room Moderator Jobs?

You need sounding soft skills and basic tech infrastructure and knowledge.

Soft skills letting you to:

  1. Communicate effectively.
  2. Keep calm in tense situations.

On the tech side, it involves:

  1. Having access to a computer with an internet connection.
  2. Basic knowledge of online platforms like social media or forums.

Entry-level online moderator jobs for online community managers have an average of $50,000 per year according to Monster [1].

It goes almost without saying that more experienced people or mastering 2 or more languages with excellent written and verbal skills can be more rewarded.

Best Chat Moderator and Online Chat Moderator Job Boards

1 Baby Center

  • Ideal for: parenting and new moms.
  • Required experience: They hire for full-time positions. The positions are contract-based and you need to have a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.
  • Privileged countries :
    • It also offers its services in nine different languages from 11 offices around the world.
  • Additional comments:
    • the company reaches over 51 million mothers and fathers
    • The hourly rate ranges between $14 to $60.
    • More than 32 million users every month as claimed by the company website.

2 Bazaar Voice

  • Ideal for: moderating user-generated content whose roles are named content manager
  • Required experience: excellent communication skills and great proficiency in English. They also prefer bilingual candidates, although it is not necessary.
  • Privileged countries: the US, the UK, Ireland, Spain France, Germany, Remote (EMEA and North America), Australia, and Lithuania
  • Additional comments: Offers an hourly rate of around $14.

3 Ignite Social Media

  • Ideal for: helping brands gain international reach through social media management
  • Required experience:
    • Vary according to specific company requirements. Some might aim to get more engagement while others focus on product conversion rates.
  • Privileged countries: –
  • Additional comments:
    • The hourly rate ranges between $12 to $17.
    • It is one of the leading social media management agencies
    • Job posting varies and now there is a Social Media Community Manager role that requires more experience.

4 Mod Squad

  • Ideal for: Flexible work with unlimited vacations.
  • Required experience: Yes
    • Applicants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they are allowed to sign up with the site
  • Privileged countries: –
  • Additional comments:
    • You can also earn more if you are bilingual.
    • Offers an hourly rate of around $9 but unlimited vacations.
    • The company was founded in 2007.

5 99 Dollar Social

  • Ideal for: Facebook moderator job.
  • Required experience: No.
    • You can receive 1 week of training before starting.
  • Privileged countries: –
  • Additional comments:
    • Offers an hourly rate of around $15 that varies depending on your expertise and previous experience.
    • Offers roles such as Part-Time Content Writer.

6 Quiip (Australia)

  • Ideal for: Australian social media industry
  • Required experience: Must be Australian or have a deep understanding of Australian culture.
  • Privileged countries: Australia
  • Additional comments: Possible flexible shifts of between 2-6 hours daily

7 Crisp Thinking (UK)

  • Ideal for: online problem and security error detection for big brands and companies.
  • Required experience: Good knowledge of social media is recommended.
  • Privileged countries: UK
    • It is possible to apply if you are from the United States or Canada.
  • Additional comments:
    • Offers an hourly rate of around $15 (£10).
    • Founded in 2005. Currently, there is a waiting list for freelance moderation work.
  • Others in the UK are listed below, but be careful whether those options are compensated enough and you don’t end up being just a user or spending money on their services:

8 Yelp (US)

  • Ideal for: permanent citizen of the United States.
  • Required experience: Excellent communication skills.
  • Privileged countries: the US
    • As you might be asked to visit clients at local events.
  • Additional comments:
    • Offers an hourly rate of around $11.
    • Chat moderators are called Community Ambassadors acting as online moderators.

9 Online Content Moderator Jobs (Worldwide)

The Social Element

  • Ideal for: social media-based customer care and community management
  • Required experience:
    • In community management or social customer care
  • Privileged countries: Worldwide
  • Additional comments:
    • The hourly rate ranges between $15 to $25. However, this hourly rate can increase if you have previous experience and skills. You can earn even more if you have proficiency in at least one other language than English.
    • Founded in 2002 and have worked with brands like HBO, Smirnoff, Lego, Maxwell House Toyota, and even the TV show Game of Thrones.

ICUC Moderation

  • Ideal for: remote work and anyone from anywhere in the world can apply to work for ICUC.
  • Required experience: Yes
  • Privileged countries: Worldwide
  • Additional comments:
    • The starting salary is $11 per hour
    • Established in 2004, the company prefers also prefers multilingual applicants. However, you can still apply even if you are only good at English.


  • Ideal for:
    • Moderating all types of content such as comments, live streams, videos, photos, and more.
  • Required experience:
    • While available for entry-level, the candidate should be fluent in English.
    • Be committed to excellence and responsibility. You should be autonomous to meet daily objectives.
  • Privileged countries: Worldwide
  • Additional comments:
    • Hours: Mondays to Sundays
    • Shift 1: 10 AM-4 PM EST
    • Shift 2: 4 PM-10 PM EST
    • Shift 3: 10 PM-4 AM EST
    • Shift 4: 4 AM-10 PM EST

10 Online Moderator Jobs No Experience

Live World (US)

  • Ideal for: social media management (called social media agent) and dedicated account handling
  • Required experience: No.
    • Applicants with social media moderation experience and those that are multilingual are preferred but these aren’t requirements you need to fulfill to apply.
  • Privileged countries: You need to be a permanent citizen of the United States to apply for this role.
  • Additional comments:
    • The hourly rate ranges between $9 to $30.
    • It offers many part-time roles that are convenient for side hustles without giving up your current job.

Zynga (US)

  • Ideal for: gamers or those who love to play games in their spare time. You can focus on employee groups that have online communities focused on Latinx, parents, pride, etc.
  • Required experience:
    • Must be based in the United States
    • Applicants that have knowledge about online games and have good communication skills are preferred.
  • Privileged countries: the US
  • Additional comments:
    • The hourly rate ranges between $10 to $30.
    • All of its job opportunities are full-time. That involves medical insurance and paid absences.
    • Occasionally this company hires online community moderators

11 Other boards

Chat moderator job search

How to choose the right chat moderator job for you?

  1. Pick alternatives that fit the country you live in.
    • You are automatically better qualified for those.
  2. Assess your previous experiences.
    • Filter those alternatives that fit your experience level.
  3. Pick the highest paying option.
    • Start registering for the one with the highest expected earnings.
  4. Consider other online alternatives.
    • Many alternatives do not require a country-specific location. Go ahead and apply to as many as you can with your updated CV.
  5. Keep improving your skills
    • Consider learning courses to improve your skill set and ask for better compensation at your job.

How Can I Be A Good Online Moderator?

Soft skills like friendliness and patience are your allies. They can also be built online. You can search for courses at Fiverr Learn or SkillShare Get a free month until 12/26/2022 using code AFF30122 when you invest in yourself this holiday season with unlimited access to classes on illustration, photography, design, film, music, and more. They are useful for online moderator jobs as well as many others where you interact with people (in person or online). The abilities learned to deal with short-tempered people, manage and de-escalate situations, as well as handle offensive behavior and comments are useful almost everywhere. You can build guidelines to adhere to for members and encourage people to adopt them based on the benefits they will receive: harmonious online coexistence.


FlexJobs seems the best option to find a job and Fiverr Learn is the best to build your skills. If you like working from home and like to correct the information shared in online content, then a chat moderator job is something to consider.

Be wary about no possible room to grow [2]. As in any job, some roles are not expected to have a career path.

Pick a niche like gaming, social media, or parenting and apply it to that given job. You can always hone your soft and technical skills with Fiverr Learn. Their courses can help you in these and other jobs you want to pursue.

For more options on other jobs from home, take a look at our article on 30 Great Jobs Where You Work Alone From Home.


[1] Monster.com; at https://www.monster.com/career-advice/article/entry-level-social-media-jobs (visited June 07, 2022).

[2] Indeed; at https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Liveworld/reviews?fjobtitle=Moderator (visited June 07, 2022).

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