30 Best Jobs Where You Work By Yourself In 2022

After comparing jobs where you work by yourself and how to hone your skills to earn more, we found Fiverr Learn to be the best way to do it.

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We spent a few weeks of research online to identify the best jobs where you work by yourself without including those where you work from home. Those have been already analyzed in the article 40 Ways to Make Money From Home.

Fiverr Learn has a wide variety of courses to help you in many if not all of the jobs listed here to let you work by yourself proving to have the right skills and delivering results.

While convenient almost for all jobs, you might want to take a look at what other platforms like Coursera can offer or even specific courses like FleaMarketFlipper.

You already want to work alone and need to find the right job for you to focus on. Just to confirm your motivation and maybe discover new powerful reasons to work by yourself, here below we list the advantages of these types of jobs.


Whether you are an introvert or just enjoy time alone working by yourself, you can more easily focus and develop career opportunities with the jobs in this article. The goal is to pick the one matching your current skill set and passion.

As you are choosing your career, you can pick the level of human interaction desired. Like one-to-one, if you are a loan officer or rarely if you are a park ranger.

Consider that pandemic impacted the level of human interaction we are allowed to do. Even if by periods in the year restrictions are decreased or removed, other seasons ask for more limited social interactions, even for vaccines people.

Whether you were forced by the pandemic to limit human interactions or you choose to do so for its benefits like spending more time with your family if you are a stay-at-home mom, you can find many advantages to this choice:

1 More productive as you get more focused

You are more productive when you are less interrupted. Introverts can excel at this because they can reduce or avoid spending too much time socializing.

Limiting your interactions to request key information or clarification to finalize your work can let to finish tasks faster. As you prioritize writing over talking, this generates more results and references to consider and reduces disputes over agreements, disagreements, expectations, and the scope of a given task.

Of course, there are other interruptions you can be prone to, like your phone; or if you are at home, the TV, radio, email, online services, and others. Nevertheless, reducing interruptions from colleagues is already a key step in increasing your focus time. Keep in mind that most analytical work (requiring brain power) is convenient to be done in the morning as described by Daniel Pink at CNBC.

With less chit-chat with colleagues, meetings, pointless emails, and presentations come more free time to organize yourself independently. This is where time management skills are the key to getting the most done with your time.

2 Home office

After the pandemic, lots of jobs migrated partially or fully to a home-office setup. This brings personal benefits like:

  • Parents spend more time with children and avoid paying for childcare ($694 per week according to Care.com) [1].
  • Avoiding commuting reduces gas expenses and transport accident risks, especially for those using motorbikes.
  • More availability for emergencies like a sick loved one or home damage. Hence, being available even for last-minute school meetings
  • Doing household chores while working like laundry, cleaning, preparing meals, paying bills, and housekeeping.

In addition, you get to be protected from allergies and even Covid if you are not physically with your colleagues in the same building.

3 Be In Control of your Schedule

Working by yourself accentuates the need for time management skills to stay productive. For some people, co-workers might be a reminder of what to focus on and work on. However, here you get to control your schedule and task resolution organization.

The more you get comfortable organizing yourself and being disciplined to do more with your time, the more you might thrive in a freelance position as you deliver more results faster. It has the added benefit of letting you define how much you charge daily or per hour.

Also, within your improved organization must present some breaks. They are useful and enhance productivity as described by Marc Hamilton (professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Missouri) and reported by Forbes [2].

4 Peace of Mind

When you work alone you can find it easier to relax with guided meditation, listening to relaxing music while working, or wearing comfortable clothes to feel well. Such varied possibilities create a relaxing atmosphere to complete your tasks without pressure but efficiently.

5 Avoid toxic environment

We are social creatures and like to socialize, but sometimes toxic environments or people make spending time together exhausting. In an office with co-workers, you can be frequently disturbed by colleagues’ complaints, gossip, politics, and many topics not directly related to the actual task at hand.

6 Be frugal (avoid unnecessary spending)

Working alone removes the tendency to keep appearances at work by spending on restaurants, clothes, and accessories. With more money saved comes the availability of more money to put towards your financial goals. Take a look at our article Financial Planning to reach your goals faster.

7 Become more prosperous

Many jobs where you work by yourself are great opportunities for a side hustle or freelance and becoming an additional income stream. With an additional income stream comes more financial stability and less reliance on 1 single job pay.

With freelance or self-employed roles come also the possibility to change your hourly rate and increase your client base for increased earnings. The better results you deliver for your previous clients, the better reputation you build, and the more you might be able to charge.

8 Be Your Own Boss To Reach Financial Freedom Quicker

Setting up your own business lets you unblock the unlimited earning capabilities of owning one. You do not need to ask for a raise, but make your business more profitable and pay you more.

As you earn more you can build wealth faster. With faster wealth building comes faster financial freedom and all the financial goals you set up.

At this point, you are more than aware and motivated about why you want to work by yourself. Consider this spreadsheet to help you decide the best for yourself based on different criteria like average pay, category, and credentials needed.

At a company building

At the company building

Due to the environment needed, with these jobs, it is most probable that you will be working at a company building. For instance, chemical laboratory items can be expensive, and instead of buying them and offering your services, it might be quicker to start working at a company building.

Even if you work at a company building you can set up your freelance company to provide the required services by yourself and even with the help of others you could eventually hire. For instance, in the food industry, you can start working as a chef for a renowned restaurant and become a personal chef then.

1 Car Wash

You can focus on cleaning your clients’ cars and avoiding distractions. Start promoting this service on social media and in your neighborhood. Then it will reach friends/colleagues.

The better you get at your cleaning/waxing and polish services, the more you will be recommended. You could even offer quick additional tasks like fixing dents or replacing broker taillights or even cleaning the inside of the car.

Credentials needed: None. Start having good references from previous clients.

Earning opportunity: $11.43 per hour or from $19k to $34k per year according to PayScale [3].

2 Chef

Many of us love cooking. We might have tested many recipes and found great ones for different situations. It is true that the job can be demanding as the better you are, the more customers you get, but you can then also increase your hourly rate.

This role makes you involved directly or supervising the ingredients acquisition, cooking, plating, and presenting them. Your inventiveness can be well rewarded by the customers

With enough experience and previous good references, you could become a personal chef.

Earning opportunity: $22.74 per hour or from $31k to $99k per year according to PayScale [4].

A related field in the food industry is becoming a butcher. It is not recommended for those with a weak stomach.

3 Chemist

They work in laboratories and the experiments conducted require solitude and focus.

Chemists can be hired by pharmaceutical companies to research, test, and help develop medications. Also, they are required in the construction industry because they need to test better components in buildings that contribute to environmental protection.

Credentials needed: For entry-level jobs, a bachelor’s degree in materials engineering or chemistry for the construction industry. Pharmaceuticals require biology or biochemistry degrees. More senior positions require masters or PhDs in previously mentioned fields.

Earning opportunity: From $54,160 to $117,850 per year depending on the industry you work in according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics [5]. Those working for the government take the highest median pay. So, top earners can go beyond those references.

4 Janitor

Most people expect a janitor to clean when others are not there. It means the job can be done peacefully and without interruptions. Nevertheless, as with any job, good janitors can be hard to find and they could get good career stability.

Most importantly, when cleaning, good janitors pay attention to not damage the equipment and leave them in an organized way: leave it as they found it but clean. That is because many people have different organizational methods and do not want to find their items jeopardized the next day.

For big spaces like large schools, hospitals, and shopping malls, there might be many janitors or one with a few assistants. In any way, the cleaning task at hand allows for good focus.

Credentials needed: None. Build good experiences and references for future jobs.

Earning opportunity: $12.31 per hour or from $19k to $37k per year according to PayScale [6].

5 Loan Officer

In charge of assessing the financial acceptability of potential borrowers, they can be involved in additional tasks. While you can benefit from good communicating skills during one-to-one discussions with your clients, the analysis of their financial situation needs to be done peacefully without interruptions.

Credentials needed: None. Understanding of financial products and capacity to analyze credit scores.

Earning opportunity: $186,339 per year on average according to Indeed [7] but $49k according to PayScale [8]. A Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) can help boost your earning potential by 28%.

6 Pool Cleaner

The cleaning and maintenance include removing debris from the pool, cleaning the filters, and vacuuming the pool’s walls and bottom.

Generally, pool cleaners work by themselves and are self-employed. As more and more houses can have pools, this job can be in demand in mostly warm cities.

This role might be impacted by robotic pool cleaners.

Earning opportunity: $16 per hour or from $29k to $64k per year according to PayScale [9].

7 Security Guard

Most of the time shift after shift is quiet and you get to monitor people. Keep in mind that you need to be prepared to protect people and get involved in a fight or persuasion tactics to prevent worse consequences.

Credentials needed: A military or law enforcement background is welcomed but entry-level jobs are also available.

Earning opportunity: $13.44 per hour or from $21k to $39k per year according to PayScale [10].

8 Warehouse Worker

Focused on picking and packing items to be shipped, these workers can be part-time or full-time. Companies might hire them temporarily to deal with higher workload seasons or request extra time for current workers.

Credentials needed: None. Efficiency and accuracy at work are tasks to focus on to ensure the right products are promptly packaged and shipped within deadlines.

Earning opportunity: $17.78 per hour or $43,079 per year according to Indeed [11].

At home but not on a computer

These jobs are done at your clients’ homes typically. They let you start your own business or work for a company.

You can start promoting your services to your neighbors/friends/family/acquaintances. Then, you keep building your reputation until you reach a customer base. As it grows, you might end up hiring and training people to work with you.

1 Auto Mechanic

Trade school education might have been enough to get the skills to work as an auto mechanic. Besides, it is a job you can start relatively young. So, you get to earn money at a young age to save some for the future and enjoy some of it. During the repairs, you spend your time focusing on the car without interruptions from colleagues.

Earning opportunity: $18.61 per hour or from $24k to $62k per year according to PayScale [12].

2 Electrician/Plumber

Classic old jobs that stay in demand as soon as people have houses. Every building (commercial or residential) has plumbing and electric wires. You might need training and certification but then you will spend plenty of time working by yourself on the electric or plumbing installation or repair.

Earning opportunity: $27.52 per hour as a plumber [13] and $23 per hour as an electrician [14].

3 House Staging

The focus is to make the home the most well appealing to potential buyers. So, you could declutter, add accessories, paint, and rearrange the furniture. Some knowledge of the real estate business and what makes a house great for yourself and others are helpful to know how to change the house to increase its perceived value.

Earning opportunity: $37,313 per year according to Zippia [15].

4 Home cleaning

You can choose between joining a cleaning company or starting your own independent business. Cleaning can involve dusting, vacuuming, and other cleaning tasks in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms (with bed sheet change), living rooms, etc. The more services and high-quality results you offer, the more you could charge. For instance, offering laundry, ironing, and grocery shopping.

Credentials needed: None. But good communication and people skills are needed because people will let you enter their homes and access almost every part of it to clean.

Earning opportunity: If you work for a company you will earn an average of $17.21 per hour according to Indeed [16]. You could nevertheless earn more if you own your own business as you can define different rates based on the house’s size, condition, and location.

5 Landscaping and gardening

Ideal job for those loving the outdoors of a home. Many houses have big gardens and need maintenance. Many people find hand contact with plants and earth relaxing. So, you get to get by yourself doing what you love and be relaxed. The esthetics and rewarding results of your work can delight not only you and the home residents but also visitors.

Earning opportunity: $14.76. per hour or from $22k to $49k per year according to PayScale [17].

6 Painting

Painting is a great way to relax and while therapeutic, you also get paid.

Credentials needed: None. Good previous work references are useful. Start showing what good results you got at home or anywhere else you painted.

Earning opportunity: $17.97 per hour or from $27k to $57k per year according to PayScale [18].

In nature/outside

These opportunities get you on the road, either driving, walking, or riding a bike. They are all a great way to spend time outdoors and get paid working mainly by yourself.

1 Delivery Driver

You will be delivering packages and letters to businesses and homes. During such a task, you will be mostly not interrupted and on the road.

Companies like DHL, UPS, and FedEx frequently need more drivers during high-demand seasons. During those times you could even hire driver helpers to meet deadlines and coop with the demand. It is then no surprise that many people described how demanding this delivery task can be as detailed in Quora

Credentials needed: First, the driving license and experience driving large delivery trucks, step trucks, or large vans. Also, good familiarity driving in the city you will deliver in. Time management skills are key to not ending up late without having delivered all your packages.

Earning opportunity: $22.09 per hour according to Indeed [19].

A special type of delivery is food delivery. This is a type of job in person and enhanced online as described in the article 40 Ways to Make Money From Home. You can get delivery tasks working with Instacart, Postmates, and DoorDash. It is worth noting that you can benefit from delivering food with a smile to make people get their food happy and get you a great day or even a tip.

2 Dog Walking

Walking dogs and providing basic care are tasks almost anybody can do without previous experience. So, to earn more you can offer additional services like feeding, bathing, playing with them, taking them to the vet, and dog boarding.

Credentials needed: None. Soft skills are useful to let people trust you and give you their dogs for a while.

Earning opportunity: $23.88 per hour according to Indeed [20]

3 Farmhand

It involves hard work but you get to spend your time outside with big landscapes frequently. If you already live in a rural area of like to spend time there relaxing and working then it is one great option to be a farmhand.

Earning opportunity: $12.57 per hour according to PayScale [21].

4 Golf Course Maintenance

While a golf course superintendent requires quite important training and education, many golf courses offer entry-level jobs for landscaping. You can landscape those golf courses without distractions, alone and in places well taken care of.

Earning opportunity: $13.76 per hour according to PayScale [22].

5 Truck driver

A classic job with long hours on highways leading to sometimes remote places where you get to explore the country while working. While you get to communicate with dispatchers, personnel at loading and receiving docks, and fellow drivers through radio, most of the time you will be driving without interaction.

Their unemployment rate had been decreasing to 3.45% in 2019 in the US as shown by Zippia [23] and almost half of the new drivers are self-employed as described by the government census [24].

Credentials needed: First, the commercial driving license (CDL) and experience driving the type of truck you will use. Random physical tests can be applied every 2 weeks to ensure drivers are not under the effects of controlled substances. Failing that or other traffic violations can lead to quick license loss. Additional standards are required to transport hazardous materials.

Earning opportunity: $77,723 per year according to Indeed [25].

6 Park ranger

It involves hard work but in beautiful places where you work mostly alone and rarely with someone else. The ideal job for a nature lover.

They are responsible for maintaining national parks. You get to ensure the resources are protected and conserved sustainably. To achieve that, you can be in contact with biologists and geologists.

Also, you can guide visitors across the park; sensitizing them about behavior that preserves the park for future generations. It may be extended to presentations at schools or community groups about preservation and sustainability.

Being such a force of protection of nature involves also enforcing federal laws that protect wildlife. So, controlling hunting or fishing practices.

Earning opportunity: $21.54 per hour according to Indeed [26].

Earning opportunity: $37,041 as gardener per year according to Talent [27].

7 Photographer

There are many freelance photographers. You can join such a group where you can define your workload based on achievable deadlines, clients, and pay rates.

Key scenic views involve mountains, beaches, oceans, lakes, natural landscapes, or even human-made landmarks. While it is enjoyable to be outside and take great pictures, be prepared to be well protected from extremes of hot, cold, wind, or other natural elements. You must have the stamina needed to walk, hike, drive and climb to places where you can take those breathtaking views. Be careful to not put your health at risk by getting involved in too dangerous places like cities under war.

Of course, after all, with such effort and joy you can sell your photos on many online sites as described in the article 40 Ways to Make Money From Home.

As you get traction at photography, you might want to specialize in photography at events like weddings, graduations, anniversaries, etc. Those events imply good people skills so clients let you access their personal events. Each different event type might be involved a different pay rate.

Credentials needed: Photographic experience and knowledge about photo edition, lighting, and angles as factors to take great photos. You could even focus on photo taking and get the help of a tech-savvy associate for photo editing.

Earning opportunity: £25 per hour or from £20k – £202k according to PayScale in the UK [28].

8 Zoologist

You get to be with animals most of the time and get to visit natural landscapes where they typically live. Keep in mind that the required education to take care of animals as a zoologist might be less intense than the credentials needed as a veterinarian because you do not get as much involved in using advanced treatments to heal them.

Earning opportunity: $31 per hour or $64,650 per year according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics [29].

Be Your Own Boss

These jobs make good opportunities to set up your own business after successful experience and a known client base.

1 Accountant

Starting from a job by yourself at home, you could grow to work with major corporations.

This role implies handling financial records like chack, invoices, pay stubs, and receipts. You use them to produce cash flow statements and balance sheets as well as prepare filing for income taxes.

Even with websites and tools to automate the tax declaration and accounting, people with complex financial situations and companies still need accountants to properly prepare tax filing and find tax credits and deductions according to new federal and state laws that may appear.

Credentials needed: Bachelor’s degree in administration, accounting, or finance to evolve and become a certified public accountant (CPA). As it needs 150 hours of college credits, it means 5 years of education in an Accounting Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. Once you pass the approval exam by the state you will work in, continual education is required to ensure you are aware of new tax laws.

Earning opportunity: From $38k to $72k per year according to Payscale [30].

2 Appliance Technician

You could help fix quick common problems in kitchens fridges, TVs, computers, and many other devices frequently used in homes. Chances are you already had to solve many problems by yourself at home with any device. Let’s use that learned skill to profit from it!

Credentials needed: Experience repairing appliances, some devices might be not so evident to fix and you might have already tested your repairing skills in others’ or yours’ successfully.

Earning opportunity: $19.25 per hour or from $29k to $64k according to PayScale [31].

3 Craft Maker

As mentioned in the article 40 Ways to Make Money From Home, you can create your craft and sell it online. Websites like Etsy, eBay, or even your own Shopify online shop are great places to sell your creations.

Credentials needed: While none is needed for entry-level jobs as soon as you can prove good results of your artwork, there are Bachelor’s and Master’s programs related to fine arts.

Earning opportunity: $49,960 per year according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics [32].

4 Flea Market Flipper

This good side hustle can evolve into a job as you get more experience and money. You might be even able to sell the items you get at yard and garage sales or add small improvements and repairs.

Credentials needed: None. Good people skills in negotiation will help you. You could get better as a flea market flipper with this FleaMarketFlipper course.

High Paying

1 Actuary

This involves advanced math and statistic skills acquired in graduate school. Typically combined with courses in business administration, economics, and computer science You use them to identify the probability and financial impact of events like death or workplace accidents. Other events to consider are natural disasters like storms, fires, or crimes like motor vehicle crashes and other incidents or accidents.

Most actuaries are hired by financial services industry companies, mostly working at insurance companies. With complex mathematical models, they are able to assess the financial risk for different events like insurance claims and provide solutions to businesses and individuals

Credentials needed: Bachelor’s degree in math, statistics, or actuarial science. You need to be able to present your findings and probabilities in presentations to effectively be used by clients and employers.

Earning opportunity: Median salary of $111,130 per year according to U.S. Money News [33].

2 Economist

With this role, you can focus on gathering financial data to identify the economy’s health. It involves analyzing employment figures, gross domestic product, inflation, stock indexes evolution, and many other indicators. Most of the analytical and research effort is where you get to work by yourself to produce written reports.

Based on those reports, economists are able to influence the prices companies set on different products and services.

Credentials needed: Most positions require a master’s or doctorate degree.

Earning opportunity: Median salary of $105,630 per year according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics [34].

3 Veterinarian

Ideal job for those who love animals and like to take care of them clinically without dealing with people’s treatments as a medical doctor.

Credentials needed: Entry-level jobs require a doctoral or professional degree.

Earning opportunity: Median salary of $100,370 per year according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics [35].

How to choose the best job for you?

Keep in mind that you want to get the most juice out of your life and be the best version of yourself you can possibly be. You need to define your specific motivation for this. Like having the money needed to help a loved one going into retirement

Assess your current skills

Are you already competent/experienced in a specific field (programming/law/medical background)?

Start taking a look at those related jobs. If you want to refine them, consider Fiverr Learn, and Coursera. Get the skills for your present (and your future) and teach on Udemy

What is your goal in long term?

Are you ok with working by yourself but always for a company? Then, stay in the usual classic jobs

Do you want to be your own boss now or in the future? Then start with such category jobs where you can start small even using your existent skills. If you want to refine them, consider Fiverr Learn, and Coursera. Get the skills for your present (and your future) and teach on Udemy.

Pick the one you love the most based on your passion and your willingness to grow in it long term. Whatever you choose, go all in! The willingness to learn and hunger for more is the success factors! ZipRecruiter – Over 8 Million Jobs In 1 Place. Legitimate professional Wort-At-Home Jobs at FlexJobs.

Tips for jobs where you work by yourself

Working alone for extended periods of time can be detrimental to mental health, even for introverts. Consider the tips below in your routine to protect your mental health based on the analysis of Dann Brennan MD for WebMD [36]:

  1. Find ways to participate in your community like book clubs and church choirs.
    • Make it part of your weekly or monthly routine.
    • It comes as a great complement to your already organized day as a freelancer where you aim to get more done by defining the tasks to accomplish (including the breaks).
  1. Choose the right living situation for a balance between time alone and making connections with people.
    • Take a walk to a beach, cafe library, or somewhere else occasionally to relax.
    • Exercise for global well-being 2-3 times a week. Even listening to your favorite music and moving can be very positive to improve your living situation.
    • Decompose your workload into small doable tasks. Complexity is the enemy of execution and having small useful ones will help you get momentum and stay on track to deliver good results.
  1. Develop friendships. You might be better off developing long-standing relationships with close friends rather than discussing with lots of people and not really connecting.
    • If you are not in the mood for social physical interaction, remember you can join forums and groups online to connect with other people with similar interests or situations to get feedback and different opinions about changes you want to do.

What introvert qualities are ideal for any of these working by yourself jobs?

Independent, focused, and detail-oriented are among a few of those great qualities. Those abilities are enhanced by their preference for quiet environments with low social interaction.
When interacting, they do have not many friends but tend to focus on good quality relationships. Hence, making them long-term quality ones. Such solid relationships are also the basis of a successful career.
Preferring written instead of verbal communication lets them be more prepared for presenting the results of their findings and drawing conclusions from their research.

What Is The Best Job For A Shy Person? What Job Is Good For Introverts?

The one highlighting your talents, skills, previous experiences, and success and where you feel good and capable of doing it in the long-term.
You can always hone your skills using platforms like Fiverr Learn and Coursera.
To limit interactions you might want to prioritize working from home using a computer. In such a case, check our article on 40 Ways to Make Money From Home. Another alternative is working outdoors like as a park ranger. Then check the related section in this article.

How can I work alone?

Focusing on any of the jobs in this article to work without a computer or if you want or need to stay in front of one, check our article on 40 Ways to Make Money From Home.
Whatever path you choose, you need to stay motivated, concentrated on your goals, and have good time management skills. You can learn many skills at Fiverr Learn and Coursera. And of course, take 2-5 minutes breaks each hour to keep yourself productive.

How do I pick the best job for me?

The one you love the most that use your previous experiences and abilities. In-demand Skills and on-demand courses at Fiverr Learn and Coursera.

Do I need a Bachelor’s degree for jobs where I work alone?

No. Check the subsection Credentials needed for each job in this article to verify its requirements. Keep in mind to save some money and time to keep building your skills and get a formal education and degree.

How can I gain experience or learn more for a job?

Start searching for information online and building your knowledge about the sector. Then pick feasible tasks based on your knowledge and start freelancing. Progressively, take more advanced classes to hone your skills while building your client base. In-demand Skills and on-demand courses at Fiverr Learn and Coursera. Consider specific courses also like Bookkeeper Launch Free Series, and FleaMarketFlipper.

What is the next step?

Take your passion and find a way to bring value to others with that passion. Use your spare time to build up your ideal career and focus your time and energy on making it the best side hustle turned full-time job in the future!

Take some time to consider your ideal career and work environment. Then, get to work building your ideal career path for the life you deserve to live.

In-demand Skills and on-demand courses at Fiverr Learn and Coursera. Consider specific courses also like Bookkeeper Launch Free Series and FleaMarketFlipper.


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