WowTube App Review Real or Fake? FAKE! Avoid it

Here you will see how the app lures users with the promise of giving them money while actually scamming people. Learn to identify these patterns and avoid being scammed online.

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This WowTube App Review shares the result of using the app for a few days. I watched the required video ads for a few days and the app asked me to pay before withdrawing.

Searching online in Trustpilot and elsewhere I see others had the same issue. Even people pay and never get the rewards offered.

The app description on GooglePlay offers money in exchange for watching videos. The ads displayed in other apps like Duolingo are enticing because you see people getting from $300 to $1,000.

The interface is well done and the app works well. This makes some people think it is a real money-paying app, not a scam, and many keep using it. The app has 2 main features

Watch ads in exchange for coins

You have to be 20 seconds online, during which you see the ads displayed as a usual webpage. After that, you can watch a video ad to claim coins. Those coins can then be redeemed in the cashout section. Here below is a confirmation of the money you can receive.


As the whole purpose is to get money from using the app, you can aim to fo that in 3 steps:

  1. Watch videos and earn coins.
  2. With the coins collected, redeem one of the possible cashouts:
    1. 5,000 coins for €500
    2. 10,000 coins for €1,500
    3. 15,000 coins for €15,000
    4. 30,000 coins for €30,000

The app then asks you for your PayPal account to make the deposit. Nevertheless, you need to activate the reward. To do so, you need to see a number of videos within the time remaining. Here is an example of 90 videos needed to redeem €3,000 to PayPal.

WowTube Redeem Reward
WowTube Redeem Reward

Mystery Gifts

The app gives you parts of gifts based on each video seen. Here below is an example of the price you could get.

WowTube Gift
WowTube Gift
WowTube part of gift
WowTube gives a part of the gift

As great as it looks, you only get parts of the price. I did not even bother finishing it after the withdrawal unsuccessful trial.

The app asks for a “transaction fee” but never sends the money.

WowTube Transaction fee
WowTube Transaction fee

Alternatives with legitimacy

InboxDollars sign-up bonus and many others as described in the article How to make money from home are better ways to get money. To make consistent money in the long run, consider building your skills and getting a side hustle as described in the article Jobs where you work from home.

What alternatives to WowTube exist?

The faster and better ones are related to sign-up bonuses and selling unused items. For a sign-up bonus pick InboxDollars for $5, MyPoints for $10, and Swagbucks for €5. To sell unused items consider Decluttr, and to reduce your bills use TrueBill.

Is the WowTube app legit?

No. You will only lose your time and effort. We have already tested and reviewed here it in detail so you can avoid this and many other common scam apps. They ask you to pay something before getting any rewards. WowTube does this in the form of a transaction fee but others might use other terms. So; be wary of them.

What to do after this Wowtube app review?

WowTube is enticing but not worth your time and effort. Remember there are many other apps being created with similar goals that are not paying you at all and you should avoid them.

Avoid any app or opportunity that asks you to send money or put it available while not getting the warranty so you can get the results promised.

Make a quick check online for other users’ opinions about its legitimacy.

Pick other possibilities like InboxDollars and build your skills to get a side hustle to create a project to make your financial dreams come true.

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